Monthly Archives: July 2016

Being part of a community

There has been a lot of Twitter activity about the CDT community in the last couple of weeks. Katrina Clokie also penned an excellent blog post, A community discussion, and there seems to be a lot of unresolved disputes between different folks representing different parts of the testing community. Some of this just feels like the normal level of background noise spiking for a short time. It’s not the first time a storm of this type has blown itself up around the CDT community and it won’t be the last.

I particularly liked Katrina’s statement that “I strive to be approachable, humble and open to questions”, as this is also my own approach to both being a member of a testing community and also helping to bring others into it.

I have been heavily involved in the TEAM meetup to build a new testing community in Melbourne and also helping to make the Australian Testing Days conference happen (though I will not be involved in the future of the event). I write this blog in the hope of sharing my ideas and opinions and maybe bringing readers into my community as a result.

I’ve chosen not to add to the noise by responding to the Twitter commentary around the CDT community right now, but I don’t feel that my lack of contribution to the discussion either reflects approval or disapproval of the behaviour of any member of any of the communities that consider themselves CDT.

As I’ve blogged before, our Values and principles define us.