Monthly Archives: November 2014

And, finally, it’s EuroSTAR time!

My last testing conference for the year is now less than two weeks away and I will shortly be heading off to Dublin to attend EuroSTAR 2014. Last year’s event in Gothenburg was very enjoyable so I’m hopeful of another good experience in Ireland. Dublin’s a nice friendly city so it will be nice to explore there again – even if I don’t have a taste for Guinness!

Maybe I’ll write a post to close out the year comparing and contrasting my various conference experiences throughout 2014 – I’ve grown a lot as a result of meeting many new and interesting people, gained confidence in my ability to tell my stories, experienced some amazing places, and been energized by the enthusiasm of those in the context-driven testing community.

So my thanks go to all those who’ve contributed to a great year of development for me (and also to Dell for being such a big supporter and affording me these incredible opportunities).