Monthly Archives: April 2018

Speaking at the inaugural TestBash Australia conference

I’m delighted to have recently found out that I’ll be co-presenting (with Paul Seaman) at the first TestBash conference in Sydney, Australia, in October 2018.

It was Paul’s idea to submit a proposal to TestBash to talk about our continuing experience of teaching software testing to young adults on the autism spectrum through the EPIC TestAbility Academy. We presented on this topic at the LAST conference in Melbourne in 2017 and this time we’ll be able to share more experience, as we’re already halfway through the second run of the programme as I write.

The first course had six students (five of whom completed the full 12-weeks) while the current one has ten students. As we expected, the course will be quite different each time we run it based on the unique attributes of the students involved – suffice to say, it’s another very revealing and rewarding experience as we work with these ten inspiring young people.

Thanks again to Paul for suggesting we submit to this conference and also to the Ministry of Testing for giving us the opportunity to share this great story. I must also extend thanks to EPIC Assist for their ongoing support of this programme and especially to Kym Vassiliou without whose tireless efforts this second run might not have got off the ground.

See you at TestBash Australia 2018 !