Launching my testing consultancy, Dr Lee Consulting

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, I’ve been working on setting up my own software testing consultancy following my exit from Quest back in August.

I finally got all my ducks in a row and launched the business – Dr Lee Consulting – publicly on 21st October 2020!

I spent a few weeks focusing on business basics and refining the idea of what my consultancy should look like. I completed two of Pat Flynn‘s excellent courses in the process, viz. Will It Fly? (the book and companion course) and Smart From Scratch. Mindmaps were my friend during this ideation and refinement stage, and my thanks go to those connections I reached out to along the way for their valuable help and feedback.

Another great source of inspiration and ideas was the “Share What You Know Summit” run as a virtual event by Teach:able (on 22-24 September). This was an excellent three-day event and furnished me with some great tips around LinkedIn profile tweaks and ideas for content generation.

In terms of administrivia, I registered for an ABN and business name online, then purchased the corresponding domain name (business name and domain name need to closely match for a domain, unlike most other domain extensions). I built my website using a free WordPress site, mainly due to my familiarity with their platform after blogging there for many years. I’ll probably upgrade to a paid plan sometime soon to remove ads and allow me to more professionally map my domain to that site.

I feel like the time I invested in the ideation and refinement of the idea was well spent and I tried not to go overboard in perfecting my website – at some point you just need to pull the trigger and get the thing out there!

My aim has always been to share what I’ve learned about testing with other organizations and Dr Lee Consulting is now my vehicle to do this. While I realize I’m not the right fit for every organization, I hope there are organizations/teams out there who will see the value in my services – I’m ready and waiting to help!

Check out for full details of my offering and how to contact me for a no obligation conversation about engaging my services.

4 thoughts on “Launching my testing consultancy, Dr Lee Consulting

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