Another first, being interviewed for a podcast

Last week I was interviewed for the Super Testing Bros podcast, my first time taking part in an online podcast recording.

James Espie invited Paul Seaman and I to talk about neurodiversity, based on our experiences of teaching software testing to young adults on the autism spectrum through the EPIC TestAbility Academy.

Along with Akshay Sud, James guided the interview very well and Paul & I really enjoyed chatting on this important topic. We don’t claim to be experts in this field but can talk about our first person experience in working with folks on the autism spectrum for the last year or so. (We will also be talking about these experiences at the TestBash Australia conference in Sydney in October.)

It’s great that after 19 years in the software testing industry, I’m still doing new things and contributing my small part to the testing community.

Look out for the podcast online later in July on the Super Testing Bros website.


2 thoughts on “Another first, being interviewed for a podcast

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