Testers and Twitter

I was lucky enough to attend and present at the massive STARWest conference, held at Disneyland in Anaheim, last week. I’ll blog separately about the experience but I wanted to answer a question I got after my presentation right here on my blog.

Part of my presentation was discussing my decision to join Twitter and how it has become my “go to” place for keeping up-to-date with the various goings on in the world of testing. (If you’re interested, I was persuaded to join Twitter when I attended the Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing in Wellington in 2013 – and very glad I made the leap!)

I think I made a good case for joining Twitter as a tester and hence the question after my talk, “Who should I follow then?” Looking through my list, I think the following relatively small set would give a Twitter newbie a good flavour of what’s going on in testing (feel free to comment with your ideas too).

Ilari Henrik Aegerter: @ilarihenrik

James Marcus Bach: @jamesmarcusbach

Jon Bach: @jbtestpilot

Michael Bolton: @michaelbolton

Richard Bradshaw: @FriendlyTester

Alexandra Casapu: @coveredincloth

Fiona Charles: @FionaCCharles

Anne-Marie Charrett: @charrett

James Christie: @james_christie

Katrina Clokie: @katrina_tester

David Greenlees: @DMGreenlees

Aaron Hodder: @AWGHodder

Martin Hynie: @vds4

Stephen Janaway: @stephenjanaway

Helena Jeret-Mäe: @HelenaJ_M

Keith Klain: @KeithKlain

Nick Pass: @SlatS

Erik Petersen: @erik_petersen

Richard Robinson: @richrichnz

Rich Rogers: @richrtesting

Robert Sabourin: @RobertASabourin

Paul Seaman: @beaglesays

Testing Trapeze: @TestingTrapeze

Santhosh Tuppad: @santhoshst & @TestInsane

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