TEAM meetup number 8

The eighth TEAM meetup was held on 24th February, in the very funky offices of Envato (thanks to them for providing the venue, pizzas and drinks). Our membership had increased by 50 from the previous meetup, to stand at 350, and we had a record response in terms of RSVPs so it’s great to see the group becoming more and more popular.

After a short introduction by Rajesh Mathur, I gave the first presentation, “Growing Testing Skills using the Agile Testing Ecosystem”. I had previously given this talk at Nordic Testing Days 2015 (Estonia) and the Agile Testing & Automation Summit 2016 (Melbourne), but the content seemed new for most of this audience and there was a very active Q&A session afterwards which had to be drawn to a close in the interests of timekeeping. This excellent model for testing within agile teams doesn’t seem very well-known and is not getting the attention it deserves in my opinion. Based on the questions and post-presentation discussions I had with participants, the model will certainly get a run at a few companies in Melbourne now!

A short break allowed the group of about 40 to network and and clean up what was left of the pizzas. Good conversations ensued and, as usual, the group were a very engaged bunch and somewhat reluctantly regrouped in readiness for the second presentation.

This second presentation came from fellow TEAM co-organizer Paul Seaman giving his personal experiences of “Why/how Agile Transformations Fail”. This was a “warts and all” type of presentation, pulling no punches in terms of its content detailing how hard it had been to implement an agile transformation in Paul’s company. His conclusion was that aiming for “pure agile” was a bridge too far for most companies and that a more realistic target of transformation to an agile hybrid approach was much more realistic.

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