Some firsts – presenting a webinar and visiting Estonia

Last week, I had the opportunity to co-present my first webinar, on “Business Value of Testing” with my good testing buddy Rajesh Mathur, on behalf of Unicom.

Rajesh and I decided to present the webinar in a conversational style, with just a few slides to guide the conversation (and keep ourselves in check in terms of timing). It was actually a lot of fun to do, albeit a little strange just talking at a laptop rather than a live audience. I would be happy to do more webinars based on this experience, maybe I should be running these internally at Dell Software on a regular basis. The webinar can be found at

My next (physical) conference presentation is only a couple of weeks away now, at Nordic Testing Days in Estonia. I must confess that it was only last year while attending the Let’s Test conference in Stockholm and meeting many testers there from Estonia that I even realized where Estonia is! But, thanks to the NTD conference organizers selecting my talk for inclusion at their 2015 event, I am now lucky enough to be heading to Europe again and taking in my first visit to Estonia. My pre-trip research suggests that the capital city of Tallinn (and home to the conference) is a beautiful old city, it should be a great place to explore during the European Summer with warm days and copious daylight to take it all in.

My route from Australia to Tallinn is somewhat circuitous, with a stop in the Czech Republic to work out of the Dell office in Ostrava for a few days before flying from Prague to Helsinki (another first visit) and then onto Estonia by ferry from there.

So, next stop Estonia and my next blog post will be about my experience at Nordic Testing Days.

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