Looking back on CAST 2014 and forward to Let’s Test Oz

After finally returning to Australian soil after an extended trip to the US following CAST, I’ve had some time to reflect on the experience of attending my first CAST. I still have much processing to do of the ideas I encountered during those crazy three days in New York, but my takeaways right now can be condensed into:

  • The CDT community is strong and growing and it feels like it is shedding its “vocal minority” image.
  • We’ve moved on from ISTQB certification bashing as our main focus.
  • Heuristics are a very valuable part of CDT – I really need to make more use of them and promote their use in Dell.
  • The idea of “tester velocity” was new to me (thanks to Henrik Andersson) but could serve as a simple way of incorporating test estimation into sprint planning.
  • The development of a significant software testing capability in New York via Doran Jones and the Per Scholas scheme to encourage on-shoring of testing in the US is very inspiring.
  • The movement against the ISO 29119 software testing standards that started at CAST is a turning point for the CDT community in my opinion, we’re finding a voice and using it.
  • New York is a very cool city!

Next stop Let’s Test Oz in a couple of weeks. I’m really looking forward to this conference and I hope we manage to capture that special Let’s Test vibe here on Australian soil.

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