Anticipating CAST 2014

My first trip to New York is less than a week away now, to attend the CAST 2014 conference. As I write, I’m attending a work meeting for a few days just out of Los Angeles so have had some time to adjust to the time difference from Australia before heading to New York at the weekend.

I have a great sense of anticipation of both CAST and visiting New York. I’m not sure what to expect of CAST – while I had lots of direct experience reports from others who had attended Let’s Test, I don’t have the same sense of what to expect from the CAST event. I’m hoping it embodies the same spirit of openness and context-driven passion that I witnessed at Let’s Test. The locations couldn’t really be more different – a remote campus in the countryside of Sweden to a city campus in the heart of Manhattan – but I hope the takeaways for me turn out to be just as strong.

I’ll report back on CAST – as well as whether New York really is so good as to be deserving of being named twice!

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